Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

Evanston Capital’s investment philosophy is rooted in five key beliefs:

1. Alpha is Very Scarce.
The majority of investment managers will not add value net of fees over the long term.

2. Newer and More Specialized Managers Often Sustain Superior Alpha Generation.
Specialist managers and managers early in their lifecycles often generate higher and more consistent alpha.  

3. Hands-on Execution by an Experienced and Diverse Team is Critical.
Our senior leadership plays an active role in both the investment-underwriting and portfolio construction processes.

4. Concentration in Best Ideas Creates Value Over Time.
We seek to build high-conviction portfolios in which each core position contributes meaningfully to performance.

5. Effective Risk Management Must Be Forward-Thinking.
Traditional backward-looking risk metrics are inadequate in isolation and should be married with qualitative forward-looking assessments.
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