Our Framework

Our Framework

To produce compelling risk-adjusted returns over the long term requires a repeatable investment process supported by an experienced and collaborative team of professionals. For two decades, our team has applied a disciplined approach to identify what we believe to be attractive investment opportunities and top-tier talent. As we strive to construct successful portfolios and deliver value-added results to clients, we aspire to a similar level of discipline in managing all facets of our business and our client relationships.

Our firm is organized across six functional areas:


Evanston Capital has established a formal governing process and an efficient operational structure that brings together accountability and efficiency. Evanston Capital is governed by two primary committees—the Investment and Operations Committees—composed of senior members of the firm. We also benefit from the long-term relationships we have built with a number of reputable service providers that specialize in fund accounting and administration, securities laws and regulations, audit and tax, and technology.

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