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Evanston Capital Reaches 20-Year Milestone

Evanston, IL – Evanston Capital Management, LLC, an alternative investment management firm, announces it has reached its twentieth year in operation and continues to evolve its investment capabilities to meet client needs for return and diversification.

The firm was founded in March 2002 with four employees, focused on multi-manager hedge fund investing. Today, the privately-owned firm has 28 employees including 14 partners investing in a wide array of funds and strategies on behalf of sophisticated institutions, family offices and high-networth investors. In twenty years, we’ve been through a great financial crisis, market booms and busts, geopolitical shocks, unprecedented monetary stimulus, a global pandemic, profound advances in healthcare and technology, and even a Cubs World Series,” said Co-founder and CEO, Adam Blitz. I am proud of how our team has survived and thrived through it all by maintaining a steadfast focus on our clients, our culture, and our core investing tenets.”

Today we are as excited about the opportunity set for hedge fund investing as we have ever been,” said Kristen VanGelder, Deputy Chief Investment Officer. The public investing world has become increasingly passive and short-term, creating a significant opportunity for active managers who invest over a medium- or long-term horizon. Beyond hedge funds, we are also enthusiastic about the return potential within several niche and inefficient markets including specialized segments within private equity, venture capital, blockchain and international small/mid-cap equities.”

Over twenty years, we developed a deep network and evolved our expertise, identifying new investment opportunities that we believe can positively impact our clients’ portfolios,” said Ken Meister, Co-founder and President. But one thing we won’t evolve or change is our culture. We seek smart, humble, people that will go the extra mile to help our team and our clients achieve their investment objectives. It’s really that simple.”

About Evanston Capital
Evanston Capital Management, LLC (“Evanston Capital”) is an active investor in hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and blockchain and other strategies such as thematic equity that it believes can meet investors’ needs for total return, alpha, and diversification. Since Evanston Capital’s inception in 2002, a key focus of the firm has been identifying early-stage investment managers it believes are capable of generating long-term value-added returns in complex, innovative strategy areas. Today Evanston Capital has more than 175 institutional investor relationships entrusting the firm with approximately $4.8 billion (including uncalled capital commitments) in assets under management. For more information, please visit

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