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Blockchain Video Series

In this informational web series, we will review what we see as key milestones in the history of blockchain and explore interesting real-life use cases for this nascent technology.

Part 1: What is Web3?

In the first installment we consider the questions: What is Web3 and could it be truly transformational for the internet and its users?

Part 2: Why Blockchain Technology May Have Long-Term Potential

In this second installment, we share our thoughts on the long-term potential of this nascent technology (looking beyond the short-term crypto price cycles).

Part 3: Measuring the Growth of Blockchain Technology

Part three contextualizes the growth of the blockchain industry, still in its infancy, and describes the framework for potential mainstream adoption.

Part 4: Emerging Use Case — Decentralized Finance

Part four begins the review of practical applications or use cases” for blockchain technology. The first use case discussed is decentralized finance or DeFi” — a new method for financing real world activity. 

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